Wednesday, November 02, 2011

I Do! Well, I Thought I Did...Uh, I Don't...

The world is in an uproar over the recent announcement of Kim Kardashian's decision to divorce her husband of 72 days, Kris Humphries. Aaaaaaaaaah, the sky is falling! Uh, world, put the brakes on. This is so not news, well, not new news. People get divorced and break up everyday. 72 days, 5 years, 2 weeks, the time frame varies, but life goes on.

Why go through with a marriage if you're not going to work at it and invest in it? I don't know. I've never been married and believe if I had gotten married I would be divorced, too. There was one man that I would've really tried to make it work with - no matter what. The rest I think we loved each other as much as the other one did, so uh, sorry...('-')

Kim K. is in love with being in love and everything that comes along with it. Hey, there's nothing wrong with that and besides, she just realized that she's lactose intolerant. That gal knows she likes the dark meat. Yah'll know you can't suppress what your substance or your core being is. Why do you think crazy people go crazy? It's because they're trying so had not to snap that it just explodes out of them. Technically, they're not crazy, they're just going through some thangs.

All the media attention on celebrity divorce made me think. If I had gotten married I might, by the slim chance of a broke ass man pockets, get some alimony. I reflected on a few of my relationships and have summed up that something was seriously wrong with me. I had to have a mental/chemical imbalance to listen and tolerate some of the idiotic actions of my partners at the time. I've come to the conclusion that I was in a state of dumb -ass - ded - ness and should receive some kind of compensation. I've written a letter to the State of New York that requests disability payments for me for the rest of my life. People get off in murder cases pleading temporary insanity; I should get something, too. (if you continue to laugh please leave my BLOG now)

Is anyone ever sure about their mate? I think we want our mate so much at that time that believe we are. I know I thought I was. I wanted to make it last forever(somebody please tell Keith Sweat to call me) Wanting what you want is what makes the world go around. Wanting and getting what you need, awwwww dayum! It does happen, but not for many of us. See, we want the feel good and the look good. I want a nice looking man to dig my back out versus the brother that has it together with the the gorilla flair. Nah, bruh, nah, you can't make no banana split ova' here. God didn't put us on this earth to be alone. Men and women go together like a plug in a socket; a perfect fit. It's when we try to connect with the wrong one is when all the problems come. Sparks that fuel electrocution, which leads to divorce.

How long should you date someone before you give it up? When you do give it up if its good are you in love? If it isn't do you shake it off as nerves and try again? And at what point do you decide to get married? If they don't do everything you want them to do do you marry them anyway and find someone else on the side or down low (NASTY)who will? Why get married then? And if you're not in love why stay married? Comfort? Money? Kids? Stupid shyt? Don't ask me 'cause I'm asking you. Any why should I listen to your advice. You ain't married or in a relationship. But then again, experience does make you better. Or is is bitter? ('-')

The topic of love and marriage will last longer than all of us on this physical earth and then some. All I can say is if you do, great, if you thought you did, work on it to be sort of sure, and if you don't, hopefully your break up won't stop you from trying again.

I luv you

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