Friday, August 10, 2012

A Blessing of Judgment

The smallest thing can do so much for somebody. There was a woman standing on the corner asking for money to get something to eat. I told her I didn't have any and then thought that's why my ass is so fat; always eating and keeping it to myself. I was going to offer her $2 and thought what can $2 buy her? She'd have to ask all day just to get enough to get a burger. I was on my way to Subway and asked her did she want a something. Her face LIT up. As we were crossing the street she said.,

"You know I really like the tacos they have there."

There is a taco place inside, too.  When we approached the counter she became bolder. She stood prouder and told the girl behind the counter what she wanted. I asked did she want anything to drink and she choose root beer. It was good to hear her say it, but sad at the same time. Maybe she hadn't had it in so long and thought this was the last chance she'd get to taste it for awhile. She thanked me and sat down.

As I stood in the sandwich line I looked over at her a few times. I saw a woman in a fancy restaurant contemplating the days behind her and the days that lay ahead. I saw a father's daughter, a mother's child and the mother of  loving children. A wife waiting for her husband to pick her up from work and wondering what to cook for that nights dinner appeared.  I saw someone special.

For that short amount of time she felt validated; like she really belogned in society. She does. "We'" are so quick to judge.  "We" think all folks in a desperate predicament want it, wait for it and enjoy it when it comes. "We" don't know their story and we don't have to it. "We" are so high and mighty sometimes its sickening.

I'm thankful that my judgment didn't allow me to think I was better and that it couldn't happen to me. But by the Grace of God there go I. Six degrees of separation, one paycheck away, unemployment and $3000 in savings could equal the lady on the street. The world didn't change with my offer of a two hour filling meal, but hers did. I want to believe that she was given the strength to keep on pushin' to a place that was better than before. That there are good people out here who care.

We all judge. We operate in the flesh - that's what we do. If your judgment is not a blessing to you or someone else, hmmm, maybe you should give yourself a self examination. We're on this earth together, let's live like it, love like it and be a blessing in judgment to others!

I luv you