Thursday, August 01, 2013

The Intended Fool

I intended to go into a bank and rob it. Starting out with the wrong intentions will lead you to  a disaster that you're responsible for. Every aspect of that disaster belongs to you. What freed me is the fact that I said I felt threatened when the guard approached me. Of course I have no business going into a bank to rob it, but when you put shit in motion a whole lotta shit happens that you have to deal with. Now what if I did something to the security guard? How would I defend my self against that? I didn't intend for it to happen, but he had no business  doing his job and protecting the bank.

Its like going over to someone to whoop their ass and they beat you instead. You call the police and they get arrested. Your bad intentions to' someone else up. Po' you wit'cha dumbass. Someone looks suspicious because they have red hair so you step to them with your "intentions" to do right. Another ass beating for you yet they get arrested. Yo' ass ain't nothing but trouble. Maybe you should mind your business and let the professionals handle it. Its to late for  that now, though. See, you have rights. You have the right to protect yourself even though your intentions were wrong from the start. WOW...only in America. For real...ONLY in America.

Back in the day black men wore dress shoes and suits topped off with a brim. They were harassed because someone didn't approve of the way they looked. Whether dressed up or not black just doesn't look good to some people. Well only if its swinging from a tree. Intentions can be real messed up sometime.

This post gave me a HARD time. I started writing it 2 weeks ago and couldn't get my words or feelings to coincide. I still can't get them together. Gotta keep on pushin' and praying for things to change that you kinda know never will. So why keep on? Life is good, even with bad intentions. People will always lie, cheat, steal, deny and kill. Change may never change. Still I must say that we have to take responsibility for our actions...our intentions. The intended fool should never win.