Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Race Is Um...

In 2006 it would seem like despicable behaviour from previous decades would not exist. In the 1960's and before, Civil Rights Activists gave their lives for strangers in their present, and strangers of their future, to succeed and live the way we think the world was created for. For the way human beings live and die, it would seem that the world was created to teach everyone various lessons.

This world has many cultures, nationalities and is very versatile. With all that we have to offer, differences included, why is the indicating factor of race a barrier for us all?

If you concentrate on the many different races, you will see that each and every one is a life knot.

Just like the air we breath...Race Is Um is a necessity to survive.

Race Is Um... has become as prominent as one of our sense. We hear it, we feel it, we smell it...the taste is sweet to some - repulsive to others.

Race Is Um... like gasoline. We need it to keep going - without it, we can stall and remain at a standstill.

Race Is more powerful than a drug. Some people inhale it like a daily does of marajuana, which they believe isn't harmful. Others inject it into their veins and ride the high it takes their emotions on.

Race Is Um...has an address. It has taken over many rehab facilities worldworldwide, so there is no cure for it.

Race Is the main ingredient in any argument of Black-Hatian-African-Trinidadian-Chinese - Mexican - HELL - act of crime against a person not of caucasian decent.

Race Is on many resturant menus. It can be ordered as the main course, as a side item, or taken with a few lumps of sugar to taste.

Like a childs game we have taken the word and made it a joke. Say it fast three times...
Race Is Um, RacisUm...Racism...damn, it looks and sounds ugly.

Pass a law to abolish Racism - Sure, and then everyone will love everybody and live happily ever after.

Pass a law to abolish the use of the "N" word - Okay, then no one on the face of this earth will ever say it again.

Pass a law to stop crimes against children, and a law for crime period, and a law that says you will go to jail for blah, blah, blah....And the beat goes on.

If you are a believer, then you know the hot thing on the streets isn't hip hop, the new winter clothing line, or a televison show that is at the top in the Neilson ratings. lucifer is in now. he is on the streets making sales and getting paid. his bling bling is bright, but unfortunately we can't see it.

Death all around -police brutality - missing persons. Some say its in His plan, and this world was charted out like we plan a vacation. Our thoughts are not ours, but on loan for our time here. Maybe so. Today as I write this I don't know and have no idea of what human I can ask. I'm positive that they don't know either. My questions will cause a debate and I'm not in the mood for all that heal the world shit talk right about now.

Whether you choose to say it fast or slow, Race Is coming soon or already in your neighborhood. Are you going to join the welcoming committee?