Sunday, May 18, 2008

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Book Review - A Taste of Java - L.J. Wilson

A Taste of Java

L.J. Wilson

Gifted Pen Publishing

February 2008

ISBN - 978-1-60585-063-4

A Taste That Requires An Entire Purchase!

First time novel DIVA L.J. Wilson introduces us to Inga Tyler in A Taste of Java. Inga is a successful single woman who desires love, and believes she has found it with her best friend, Nathaniel Gates. True love can't be stopped...well that would depend on who you'd ask. Nathaniel's fiance Rochelle, or Charles Smith-McAlister - the man who Inga can't seem to get out of her mind, even when she is with Nathaniel.

Inga's friend Mona offers sound advice, but as with all friendships, the advice is never taken. When Mona finds love with Dwight, will Inga get IT, or continue to pursue a man who has never stopped loving another, or has he?

Whew is what I said a few times while reading A Taste of Java. There were pages that I wanted to slap Inga, and chapters that I wanted Rochelle to handle her.The fact that Ms. Wilson was able to evoke that type of emotion from me made A Taste of Java a good read. I was able to read and understand why the characters behaved and made the decisions that they did. The story flowed very well and left no loose ends for me.

A Taste of Java is filled with thought provoking conversations that will definitely make you think about your life and what you would do if faced with certain situations. A book that entertains, makes you think, and pray that it has a happy ending is a winner for me!

In all honesty, there was one thing that I didn't like about the book. When I reached the end, I felt that there should have been a gift certificate for a return visit!

Well done, L.J. Wilson, well done.

Wanda D. Hudson
Wait for Love: A Black Girl's Story
LuvMe - Because Everybody Needs A Little Luv

Saturday, May 10, 2008

What Shade Are Your Purple Panties?

Background Story - The erotica writer and mastermind behind Strebor Books, Zane, put out a call for submissions for Strebor upcoming anthologies. The SEXY One, me, sent in two stories for two seperate anthologies, and they both were accepted. I have a story titled, Beauty in Succulent: Chocolate Flava 2, and The Finest Man, in Purple Panties: An Anthology.

More Background Story - Succulent: Chocolate Flava 2 was released on February 5th, 2008 and spent six weeks on the New York Times Bestseller List.

The Reason for This Post - Purple Panties: An Anthology was released May 6th, 2008 and - scroll down

I don't get it. Maybe because I'm a writer and my imagination tricks me into believing that there is a place for everything. Many subjects I don't agree with, but there is an audience for it. If you don't feel like purchasing a ticket to fill one of the auditorium seats for the show, should you be allowed to comment on the performance?

Purple Panties: An Anthology is a collection of stories written by the industry's top erotic writers - myself included :-),and are about lesbian relationships. Am I a lesbian? No. I do think women are beautiful, hell, I'm SEXY - I know what I'm talking about. I have a collection of romantic shorts titled LuvMe, that will be released soon. There are a couple of lesbian hook-ups in there. Why do I write about lesbian relationships if I'm not one myself?

Women are SEXY. Women are BEAUTIFUL. Women make the WORLD go AROUND. Women have to be CELEBRATED. Do I want to introduce my tongue to a woman's tonsils? To date, no. Do I want to lick a woman all over her body? To date, no. Everyone has a favorite flavor, but just because I don't share your taste doesn't mean your taste has to cease to exist. The world has more than 32 flavors, and free scoop night doesn't come around once a year. What's your problem?

Recently I saw two men and their children. The little girl asked her daddy where was daddy. Damn. The child was a black female and the man was white. My shoulders wiggled on their own as if to say WHAT? Then I shook it off. Sometimes you can't help who you love.

Family = 1 daddy + 1 mommy + 1 son + 1 daughter

The 1970's were simple to me, but when my daddy heard Marvin Gaye singing, What's Going On he knew something was up.

It's 2008 and what's going on from my eyes is this - the melting pot has boiled over. Can a monogamus relationship between a male and a female survive when it seems so "legal" to go for what you think you know? Should you apolopgize for the views of others when behind closed doors nobody but God's eyes can see what you or they are doing? Have you ever looked at a woman and "mistakenly" thought I wish I could have some of that versus I wish I had a body like her's?

Uh-huh...ain't nobody gonna admit to anything that puts them in the bad light of the popular vote. Reality has taught me that everyone is different. I gave the book Purple Panties: An Anthology, to one of my coworkers and she took it proudly. She asked me to autograph it and couldn't wait to tell people that she knows an author! OOHIT! OOHIT! Another coworker gave me the book back and said she didn't want people to look at her funny, and think that she was gay. Another wouldn't even touch to book! That reaction was funny to me because it ain't like she's cute and sho' ain't SEXY! Any woman or man that looks at her has to have cataracts or botched laser surgery...okay, okay...

I got over my hang-ups when I had children. If one or both of my daughters love women will I not love them? Ah, hell no. Dem dere' is my babies. MINE. If my nephews love men will I not love them? Ah, hell no. I have whooped and wiped their asses...we have a connection.

Purple Panties come in all shades. Whatever shade you wear; wear them proudly, and keep on livin' the spectacular life that you were born to live.

Wanda D. Hudson
Wait for Love: A Black Girl's Story