Saturday, January 01, 2011

Thank God and Go

Another beginning, another ending, joy, love and fear. As I watched the ball drop these emotions pumped through my veins. Fear of failure is the strength you need to succeed. Will we succeed? Yes! Why? Believe, thank God and go!

2010 was all about forward motion for me. I picked up 'um up, put 'um down and stepped my way into me. Or at least I began walking towards who and what Da FLY Hunny is supposed to represent. You won't get it sitting down and talking about it. No one will bring it to you, either. You're not that special. The world will continue to spin and if you choose to sit and talk about what everyone else is doing, sit. You'll be good and dizzy with envy while everyone else is making their IT happen and no one will care what you have to say anyway. Solution? Thank God and go!

One fact that we must never forget is that we're all going to die. When, where and how most of us don't know, but it is going to happen. My legacy won't be what I wanted to do, but instead, she did this, that, loved and left us this. What will your legacy be? Will you be remembered as someone who ran their mouth or someone who people ran their mouths about?

The recent death of R&B singer Teena Marie saddened me. My mind flooded with memories of listening to her music as a teen. I thought about a summer day in Niagara Falls New York walking down the sidewalk bopping to her song Behind The Groove. I had a small radio at my ear and a small red tube top on my chest. Add a pair of blue jean shorts and jelly shoes and I was it! You couldn't tell me anything! Well, my daddy did. He came out on the porch, saw me half dressed and yelled for me to get in the house and put some clothes on! I didn't have any titties so I don't know why he was so upset.

That thought reminded me of forward motion. We can never go back. I'll never be a teen again, my daddy will never give me advice like only he could, and I'll never bop down the street to another new Lady Tee song again. So what do you do? Do you lay dormant afraid of what your future holds? No, you step into a reality called life, thank God and go!

We all say where did 2010 go. We wonder - WOW, time really does fly by. The past can be a beautiful thing if you are living your you. No regrets, forgiveness, and life. A fresh start is a good thing but you can make a change anytime. You may not have a grip on what your passion is, but I know that it isn't laying in misery waiting on someone else to get it together. Each breath you take is for you. Life can suck the life out of you if you let it. Be aware of your surroundings, what you say and how you present yourself. A frown on someone may be them trying to hold in gas, but if they have a to' up face everyday, hmmmm, maybe they really don't care much for you. Don't fret, everybody isn't supposed to get along.

Welcome 2011! You're a date on a calendar that will come regardless if I'm here or not. Me, I'm a living, breathing, wonderful person that plans to work your dates to my benefit. You're going to keep rolling and so am I. I'm so ready for what He has in store for me! Are you? I thought so! Get, ready! Get Set! Thank God and go!

Wanda D. Hudson
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Wanda D. Hudson