Saturday, April 14, 2007

I Mus Be Ready

As a child I was told that sticks and stones may break my bones, but words would never hurt me. As an adult I know that this kiddie rhythm is wrong. Sticks and stones will kill you, and words will bury you six feet plus while you're still breathing.

It usually takes an action in order to get a reaction. Why do we always have to react? Is it any one persons fault that we have to come to the rescue of each other when we are separated from one another? Our lives should already be at a point and a pace that is beyond comfortable with no hurtful words, sticks, or stones in view.

The lyrics say a change gone come. The change came, but we either didn't see it, or simply didn't know how to keep it revolving in the right direction.

One action makes us remember what we should think about on more than an anniversary. One action of distaste is all it takes to cause a debate of what should be done to keep our change from diminishing to less than what it takes to place a ten cent call. Wait, the cost of a call hasn't been ten cents in years? Where do we really stand? How much change do we have left?

Words. Bullets. Rape. Murder. Death. These cause us to remember.

Strange Fruit
Malcom X
Addie Mae Collins
Martin Luther King
Carole Roberston
Johnnie Robinson
Strange Fruit
Medgar Evers
Denise McNair
Sean Bell
Cynthia Wesley
James Byrd Jr.
Strange Fruit
Unidentified Body (bodies)
James Chaney
Emmet Till

We argue over our history. We argue over our titles. This is an argument that will never be won. Other races belittle us and say it's okay because we belittle ourselves. We get angry and try to decide to whom the blame will fall on. Every opinion is right. Each view differs. The fight continues because of this.

There are only a few things that I know and I believe are certain. I know I love my family. I know that our titles, our words, have taken on a entity of their own. They are used by many, but the reason for the easy disposal by others has yet to be explained.

Jesus is coming. I believe this is certain. I Mus Be Ready.

I luv you.

Wanda D. Hudson
Wait for Love: A Black Girl's Story

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Brunch - Poetry - Comedy!

Come out and let you hair down. Leave your worries and cares at homeand join us for 2 Snaps & A Twist Brunch Event. We will have spokenword from Robbyne Kaamil and the comedic talents of Wanda D Hudson AKA Miss WandaLuv!

Robbyne has entertained audiences and performed on numerous stages across the country with her spicy seminars, dynamic comedy and soulstiring poetry.Wanda is a wonderful new author, and her first novel, is Wait forLove: A Black Girl's Story! Wanda is also a talented comedian, Miss WandaLuv who will have you rolling on the floor! (well, maybe not rolling on the floor...I mean, how would that look - your dumb azz doing a busted version of break dancing...)

Sisters Inc.Annie Mae's Cheesecakes was established in January of 2005 after the death of Annie Mae Moore from breast cancer in October of 2004.Ethel Events & Moore Catering was formed after the passing of Ethel Moore in January 2006.In keeping their legacy alive and continuing the family legacy ofcreating delectable eats & treats we have joined forces to give you Sisters Inc.

Mini BLT w/ Turkey or Pork Bacon
Waffles & Wings
Wraps: Turkey & Cheese or Tuna
Muffins Danishes Croissants
Fruit & Veggie Platter
Coffee Tea Juice Soda Water

Annie Mae's Cheesecakes will introduce their very own 2 Snaps & ATwist Cheesecake for this event. Along with that we will have our Gimme Some Suga, Sugar Cookie Dough Cheesecake. Don't be the one to hear about it! Be there for the experience of a lifetime.

When: Saturday, April 14, 2007
Time: 1:00 PM
Where: Corrado Cafe/Spark161 W. 22nd St Close to 7th AvenueNew York , NY 10011
Contact: Danielle 646-326-8999
Event fee: $25.00 in advance $30.00 at the door

Wanda D. Hudson
Wait For Love: A Black Girl's Story
"Remember, Everybody Needs A Little Luv"