Monday, September 19, 2011

Are You That One?

Every family has one. If it’s you, treat it as an honor. A special blessing was placed on you and no matter where you are in your journey, the rest of the way will be smooth. You may not see it or believe it now, but it will.

Being that one isn’t so bad when you look at yourself through your eyes. It’s everybody else’s eyes that have a problem with you. See, that one is the one who sometimes needs a little help to get by. That one can’t keep a job – not because they’re not a great worker, but because of being laid off or a position elimination that one is forced to hit the pavement again. Can’t you just hear your family talking about you now?

“Yea, that one lost their job again. I hope they go down to the welfare and get some food stamps or something. You know they’ll be asking to borrow money soon.”

They never mention when you were working you gave them money for whatever without question. Well, nobody ever views the truth clearly when they talk about that one anyway,

That one is the one who made a bad decision and as they’re telling you what happened you judge them before the next syllable comes from their mouth. That one is the one who you listened to on Monday, but when you saw their number on your Caller ID you decided not to pick up ‘cause you know they’re going to ask for something. See, that one can only be your friend on your terms. That’s fine as long as you keep it one hundred, but you can’t when you smile in that one’s face and bust they’re ass to everyone else.

That one is the one who succeeds all the time. Weak finances, bad relationships, circumstances that follow you around for the fun of it and employment that never measures up to your worth. But then again, you can’t put a price on that one. That one makes their life happen the way they want it to and doesn’t settle for what is thrown at them. Gossip makes the world go around and around. When it’s gossip about a person who has to struggle a bit…whew, that’s like the world spinning on a Harlem Globetrotters finger.

If you’re that one you never hit rock bottom as long as you remember that there is a rock at the bottom to hold on to. The solid rock that is He.

A family is made up of members who have many titles. Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, Aunt, Uncle, Cousin, Grandfather, Grandmother, Half This, No Blood Relation That and now That One. If you’re not that one stop running your mouth. Staying in a comfort zone because you’re afraid to live for you ain’t comfortable. Ask yourself Are You That One? You probably already know but don’t want to admit it. Shame is a cover-up for fools. Embrace it, release it and continue being that one until. Keep on pushin’; greatness awaits you.

I luv you

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