Tuesday, February 12, 2013

LuvMe for Valentine's Day!

Here are the Top 10 reasons you need LuvMe for Valentine's Day -

10. You ain't got no man...
9. Reading is fundamental...
8. It's $0.99 on Kindle...
7. It's better than a box of chocolates - you know what you're gonna get...
6. It's cheaper than sending flowers to yourself...
5.Starring in the Catfish V-Day Special isn't such a good thing...
4. Lance Armstrong isn't going to call like he said he would...
3. The Pope did not resign to be with you...
2. Uh, you ain't got no man...
And the Number 1 reason why you need LuvMe for Valentine's Day -

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Dear Diary
June 18, 2007

I’ve always wanted one of those dark chocolate men.  The kind of darkness that makes you wonder if the skin hurts.  The hue almost has a purple bluish tint, but it eludes this shade.  Some women like the high colored man, yellow, a red bone that is close enough to white as a black person can get.  Something about the dark is sexy to me. Doing it in the dark is stimulating, warm, and cozy.  Even with the lights off the world can see a light man do his thing. But a dark man – umph, mysterious deep heat surrounds him. I want to get sexually tingled by his warmth.

Although his luv to me is still a mystery, his appearance is something that I know very well. He’s sexy. That’s all my eyes can see about him. A sexy man that I want to explore.  I don’t want to talk. I want to lick him, to smell him, to squeeze him into my heart and make him luvme.

Staring at someone each time you see them and not saying a word so simple like, hello, is called visual stalking. A court date was calling my name each time I saw him. Moisture always evades my throat making my voice hard, which gave it the right to disobey my non-existent command to open. One day I plan to take him – to tear his clothing from his body and own all that he was born with.

The bow of his legs, the spread of his back, ooh, his deep brown ass has to be my glory. Last week I saw him in a form fitting tee shirt. Women rave over a six-pack. His is a quarter of a keg. A six-pack fills you up, but a keg puts you out. A man’s keg tears you down and makes you beg for forgiveness in tongues. That’s what I want. I want for him to finish with me – just use me, and make me walk like a three-legged dog, or hop like a one-legged frog. I want to whimper and still await his return.

What I have is more than a simple crush. It’s a luv sickness that consumes me. My stomach flips, my eyes flutter, and I have nearly fainted when he passes. He changes his cologne often and each time the scent pulls me closer to him. He is the leader of my mind. My nostrils inhale him deeper and deeper until a passionate confusion kisses me. This dark man was meant to luvme.

My body is not that of a perfect ten. No woman’s is. Everyone has something that does “it” for them. I have breasts that will fit his hands. Ass that he can palm, lips that he will kiss, and legs that he will wrap around his neck and back, and hold onto as he sucks me into his darkness.

He has a woman. My jealously is hard to contain. I smile occasionally at her when I see her. The truth is I hate her. She does “it” for him. He never looks my way. I’ve tried a few things to get him to notice me. If I’m allowed the chance to walk in front of him I switch my ass up a notch. My skirts have gotten shorter, and the lip colors that I wear I imagine he knows will coat his shaft nicely. Yellow and blue make green, red and blue make purple, and my color of bronze brown and his black make luv.

I want what they have together. Realizing that if I had him he wouldn’t luvme the same as he luvs her is what keeps me away. What they share is special. She is lucky and she knows it. Sometimes she flaunts it. Hell, I would parade that beautiful back man, too.

Right now I can see his lips taking her nipple into his mouth…umph, all I can do is imagine that it is I who was in her place. He pleases her, she pleases him, and they are satisfied together. Doing it in color is delicious - doing it in his dark is sweet heaven.

For now I have to obey the rules of their relationship. I know she has laid down the law with him. She has told him that he belongs to her. I would tell him that if he were mine. He will never look my way. He will never look at any woman and desire her as long as she has him.
Still I wonder -- if I were she, would he luvme? 


Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Dating Wanda!

Dating Wanda will be the next release from Miss Luv's Books! It's a compilation of short stories taken from the comedy routines of me - Miss WandaLuv! Get ready to be thoroughly entertained! Stay in the know with excerpts and the release date at my website , Wanda D. Hudson And please sign the guestbook before you go!