Thursday, June 01, 2006

He Left Me

It's finally over. Today he announced it to the world - he didn't want to be with me anymore. He said I didn't know how to treat him. I stood dumbfounded. The questions I asked were answered easily without thought, as if he didn't care.

"But, I love you."
"But, I need you."
"But, I cannot function without you."

He didn't even bother to look at me. I reached for him and he was gone. Somehow I knew our relationship would come to this. Things like this had happened between us before. We always seemed to work it out, always seemed to manage.

Big MG, my nickname for him, had finally gotten tired of my abuse of him. I utilized him at my lesiure. Especially around the holidays. I broke him down into forms that made sure he'd last just a little bit longer. Check books, credit cards, debit cards, IOU's. I loved him most when he was in his birth form. The form of green, sweet smelling paper money.

We have always had "issues". I never knew how to handle him. Everytime we got together I'd get excited and go overboard. I gave him away so many times. Sometimes I didn't really know when he would return. Silk blouses, gold jewelery, and an abundance of gourmet foods that did nothing to help my waistline. I chose greed over him and he left me.

I realized it was over between us when I reached into my purse. I grabbed my wallet and dug deep to retrieve my last twenty dollar bill. I still had three days to go before payday. I thought I'd be okay. That is until I realized that I had already spent the twenty dollars at the pizza/ice cream joint around the corner from my apartment. I had nine dollars and thirty-two cents left. I was broke. I'd hurt him again.

Money was my man. He gave me the same pleasures as any mate would. The last man I had said I smothered him. I didn't understand his reasoning but I do now. I was all over my money, all the time, and it has disappeared.

I guess you can pretty much figure out the rest. There is no sense in my making anymore excuses. It's ony fair. When you disrespect someone they have evey right to heal themselves, even if the "repairman" is another woman.

Ladies, treat your money with respect. And if you happen to see some of mine, tell him that I'm sorry.

***Okay, now I know you didn't think a man would actually leave me. I'm WandaLuv, I'm sexy.***