Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Live Like You're Living!

I know that's not the phrase. Usually folks say live like you're dying. Dying? Why? When something is dead it doesn't work anymore. No kick start, no medicine or battery boost will help, either. Last call; kaput. Living is breathing, life, hopes, dreams, and action. Which do you prefer?

Believers live and keep on living. Do you live like you're living? When you wake up is there joy in your heart about the plan He has for you that day? Are you passionate about where you work, your children, your mate, your finances, your hobbies, dreams and goals? Do you wake up ready and go to bed fulfilled? Or do you carry death like you and it are best friends? Complaining. Miserable. Angry just because? I hate my job...I can't stand this or that...I wish I could do...I should do...I don't have enough money for...When I get this I'll...

Maybe you're one of the "they" "he" or "she" people. Always talking about what other people do. Waiting for them to fail, so you can talk more. Where is the living for you in that? Waking up day to day to revel in someone else's pain moves you forward like the ink pen Monopoly piece. Uh, you big dummy, there is no ink pen Monopoly piece. Nuthin' from nuthin' leaves nuthin'...

Once again "death" has shocked us. The recent passing of Andy Rooney, Joe Frazier, and Heavy D. got us talking. Death comes in 3's! Uh, have you checked the obituary columns lately? Maybe they weren't a celebrity to you, but I'm sure they were a star to someone. Death can add much higher than 3. It upset the Reverend Jesse Jackson so much he added one more - Ruby Dee. Then he realized it was Heavy D. I always said no one can understand what Jesse says('-')

Take a moment to examine each of the men who have passed on. Do you think they lived? I think so. God gave them a passion, a desire, a talent and the drive to fulfill it. They didn't waste time waiting to live - they got life IN!

We all say life is to short. it to short for the living or to short for the folks who are waiting to die? Go on and say it. What about when children die? Babies? I don't understand that, either. gift. Walk a mile or take a few steps in someone's shoes who has experienced it and maybe you'll have a better grasp of it. I will say that I don't want to leave this life just yet. I would imagine that the average person doesn't. I'm living! For years I was a want to do person and now I get it done! Nah, I can't financially live off my earnings from comedy, writing or radio, but I am living from it. I'm living from my daughters, my friends, my family, MY life. When you live, you learn, you appreciate and grow. But when I do go know that I love my life, most of the people in it, and of course you.

Its nice to leave a memory, but I want to hear what I made you remember about me. The men who are the basis for this blog received living accolades. Nice...

Everyone isn't born to be in the spotlight. Everyone was born to appreciate themselves, though. Are you passionate about what you do and who you are? Are you working to get by? For survival? How many changes are you willing to make to live?

Life is a gift with your body being the Christmas wrapping paper. It's gets used, torn, wrinkled and eventually discarded. The body is gone, but they're still living. If you're blessed to breathe until the age of 96 don't look back and say where, keep moving forward and know why. Turning the clocks back may not stop you from leaving this earth, but it may give you a little extra time to live like you're living!

I luv you

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