Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Pass the Extinguisher Please!

Yesterday was the 2nd Inauguration of  President Barack Obama! YAY! What a beautiful day in most neighborhoods. It was also the day the nation has chosen to recognize the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr. YAY! He was actually born on January 15th, though.  Hmmm, one day I'll change my birthday, too. I'm a March baby, but I've always wanted a Summer birthday. July 8th get ready!

Although I enjoyed the bulk of the Inauguration festivities you know you can't please everybody. Usually, as big as my mouth is I try to remain quiet when I don't get it or don't agree - everything isn't for everybody, anyway. Creativity is a beautiful thing and I love to see different forms of expression. Creative beings are a blessing is what I believe. As long as no one gets hurt express yo'self! Unfortunately, people do get hurt. Hurt feelings, emotions and if fools go to far with it, body parts.

Alicia Keys. In my opinion Alicia Keys can tickle the ivory's with the best of them. She can write lyrics that make folks like me think they can win a Grammy. But, er, uh, her singing? Naw, Alicia, naw. Being a hit or miss singer is so not a good thing.

The song, Girl On Fire, is already beyond annoying. I get the lyrics - maybe its because Alicia can't sing. If it ain't broke don't fix it. If it's to' up, throw that shit in the garbage, the non-recycle bin, just get rid of it. Obama's On Fire? Obama's On Fire? WHAT? What the hayle? That child done lost her mind!

Okay...The 2nd Inauguration of the 1st Black President - History. He's black and he got up in the White House twice - History.  It happened on Martin Luther King Jr.'s holiday - History. The history that led up to yesterday - Historic. I saw an interview with  two Freedom Fighters. People went down to Mississippi in 1961 to help register folks to vote. Some of them didn't return home. Obama's On Fire?

So many people went to see him being sworn in because their great-great parent's who were born into slavery couldn't. They carried stories of courage and determination with them to get to this moment and this child screams Obama's On Fire? Burning strange fruit swung from trees. Does she know how many people actually want to set President Obama on fire?

"He's living in a world and it's on fire...filled with catastrophe, but he knows he can find a way...everybody knows Michelle is his girl...together they run the world...ooooooooooooooohhhhooooooohhhhhoooooo('-')

Huh? Is she talking about the leader of the free world? The President of The United States? Together they run the world? This has gotta be some nursery rhyme,  Superman little boy tightey whitey draws stuff. STUPID.

Getting down to Nelly's, It's Gettin' Hot In Here is one thing. Obama's On Fire? Drop it like its hot or even The Ohio Players song Fire brought the heat without burning somebody up. Telling someone you're gonna light their ass up could mean they were about to catch a serious beat down or they were going to beat their meat down. Still, Obama's On Fire? Dayum...

"But, Wanda, her song was cute."
"Cute? His daughters writing that when they were 5 on a personal birthday card to him is cute. Ain't nothing cute about a grown woman singing that for the entire world to hear."
"Is it because you don't like the song?"
"That plus it was stupid."

President Obama has a LONG fours years ahead of him. Every decision he makes will be scrutinized and picked apart. I voted for him and will support him. Its going to rough dealing with all the battles from the outside, there's no need to start trouble at home. Folks already have issues with it being black people day in the first place. Racism is still running a marathon and isn't tired yet. Obama's On Fire? Pass the Extinguisher Please!

I luv you

PS - And why didn't Al Green sing, Let's Stay Together? That would've been hot! Oh, sorry, not On Fire hot, but very nice.