Tuesday, July 30, 2013

PhotoShake Overload!

Yoooooo, PhotoShake will make anybody think they're a photographer! Who needs the paparazzi - I'll take pics my dayum self! Owwwwwwww^_~

Monday, July 22, 2013

Friday, July 12, 2013

Somebody's Child

Regardless of what side you take in the George Zimmerman trial a child is dead. Good child or bad child I don't know. I do know that somebody's child is dead. We're all somebody's child. What would somebody's child have to do to you to make you kill them? Look at you "funny"? Have on clothes that you don't deem appropriate? Run the wrong race in the right neighborhood? An Asian man jogging in the Puerto Rican section of town is grounds to kill him right? Well, why was he running? Did he just rob someone? That kind don't belong here. 2013 where you at? No, really, where are you?

We all need to think a few times before passing judgement. Gabrielle Douglas' hair in the Olympics. Rachel Jeantel on the stand. We're the first ones to tune in and watch The Real Housewives of _____, Love & Hip Hop, Maury Whose Dat Baby's Daddy? Line by line critiques of award shows - do you see what she has on? You ugly, you stupid...bitch please. Get Paula Deen! Yeah, uh, how many people were killed in Chicago in one weekend? Every stray bullet has a name. We just don't know it until it hits someone. We shall overcome my ass.

Attacking somebody's child because they don't look normal. What is normal? 2 men? 2 women? Black and white? Missionary? Threesome?  Normal doesn't even know what normal looks like. Everyone is fighting for their American Dream. No immigrants, no women, whites only and oh no you didn't just say the N-Word? But you said it? But I can because...

There is always something wrong with your reason for what you think is right. Different opinions make sure of that. You better understand that if someone dies as a result of your reason you're going to have to answer to a whole lot of somebodies. I haven't followed the trial; media in the courtroom is ridiculous. No one is all right or all wrong, but if you have to defend yourself for your right maybe it was just a little wrong. Maybe something about your right should be changed. Look in the mirror and judge somebody's child. Do you like it? No? Well get used to it. I guarantee you somebody's child is judging you.

Monday, July 08, 2013

Everybody Needs A Little Luv Comedy Contest

Capital Region Comedians Get Ready!

The Everybody Needs A Little Luv Comedy Contest is looking for YOU!

$2 Entry Fee + 6 Comedians + 15 Minutes = $300 Bones! 

And consolation prizes! YAY! Well, not really, but it sure sounds good! If you're interested please post a link to where I can see you do ya thang in the comments!

Yeah...everybody needs a little luv^_~