Friday, May 28, 2010

Personally Yours - Author Nanette Buchanan

Personally Yours will give you a brief look inside your favorite authors world. We know they write smokin' books, but do they smoke with the Surgeon General and if they do, what? Are they left-handed or right handed? Take a personal look inside Author Nanette Buchanan's life. Enjoy Personally Yours!

1. Who is Nanette Buchanan? I am a Christian, a wife, mother, grandmother, Senior Corrections Officer, an author and child advocate. I currently reside in New Jersey. I am an Instructor at the New Jersey Department of Corrections Training Academy. As an author, I published my first novel in 2007 and today I now have three published fictional novels and an e-book of poetry. I am the hostess of ASA Blog (Authors Supporting Authors) Talk Radio and the co-host of Angel Wings Publication Blog Talk Radio. A show which advocates for Domestic Violence victims.

2. What are you passionate about? My writing has been an important part of my life. I began while attending Rutgers University in New Jersey, and never imagined that it would be more to me than simply putting a pen to pad. I pen because it has soothed me, been a force to vent, rejoice and assist in many aspects in my life. I pen for enjoyment and as an inspiration to others. I pen because I realize it is more than just a hobby and it consumes me even when I am not actively writing. I pen because I love it.

3. Why should the world take notice of you? I would love for the world to take notice of me, but I feel I would better serve the world or people through my words. Being an instructor, author and hostess on the Blog Radio shows has given me a route to make a change, express the need for positive solutions, and share new ideas and information.

4. In one year where will you be? LOL....still working full time. I have a few years left before retiring. I will be a Sergeant within the next year, however I will be looking to make the rank of Lieutenant before retiring. I also want my publishing company to be working diligently for myself and other authors who wish to publish their work through I Pen Books.

5.What are your life rules? Live each day fulfilling a dream. Being optimistic doesn't mean ignoring what is negative....understand it is the negative that becomes obstacles and will delay progress. Be healthy mentally, physically and emotionally. You can't progress when stressed, take the time to take care of yourself.

6. What is your $1 and a dream? Reaching a peaceful plateau. There is nothing more rewarding than peace of mind. It soothes the soul, enriches the spirit and controls the heart. For my dollar, I want peace of mind.

7. 5 Favs -
a. color -Green, meaning life and of course money

b. food -I love my husband's cooking. Any food well prepared has my vote. I am a lover of most seafood dishes.

c. movie -Wow....there are so many. "Usual Suspects"....I love a good mystery.....and "The Color Purple" but my list is unlimited.

d. song -Wow...again I'm stumped "Zoom"- Lionel Richie and the Comodores......."What You won't do for Love" - Bobby Coburn "Crazy Love- LutherVandross......I could go on....

e. drink - Gingerale.....don't really have a preferred mixed drink.....Wine maybe Zifandel

8. Do you forgive regardless of what someone has done to you? Not always easy to do.....I'm still working on that.

9. If you could change your past would you? Yes, there's always something I reflect on that could have been done better, now that I know better. I would have started publishing my work earlier in my life. I definitely wouldn't have let others influence me to hesitate or doubt some of the decisions wanted to make.

10. Random thought - If I could have done things differently what other obstacles would I have met? Our dreams eventually becomes a reality. You start building your world on your dreams.

11. Where can we find you on the net? I have a My Space and Face Book site, and various ning sites also and

12. Fill in the blank with one word - To know Nanette Buchanan is to understand Nanette Buchanan.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

REVIEW - LuvMe - 05/18/10

“Luv Me.” by Wanda D. Hudson, sucked me in with her sensual opening piece entitled “Dear Diary” and set the momentum for the rest of this sexy read!
A collection of sensual short stories that you could read during your lunch break or after one of those “Calgon take me away baths”

Ms. Hudson provides the stage for her readers to live vicariously through her character’s lives and erotic fantasies.

A different tasty treat as you encounter each story as no two are alike. Ms Hudson dispensed humor along with lust and originality with each scenario.

You’re bound to find one that will be a favorite. ”DSL”, Room with a View” and “She” are the three that stood out for me.

Lust, entertainment and passion are what you’ll get between these pages…are you ready?

A recommended read.

Locksie Locks
May 18, 2010

ARC Book Club Inc.
Star Rating 5.0*****

Awwww, baby! Go ahead and get you a little luv; LuvMe - Because Everybody Needs A Little Luv $5 Wanda D. Hudson

Monday, May 17, 2010

Come'on Out and Meet Your Favorite Girl, The SEXY One - Me! (^_^)

Awwwww, baby! Everybody Needs A Little Luv; come'on and get yours!

Wanda D. Hudson

REVIEW - LuvMe - 05/17/10

Wanda D. Hudson’s LuvMe is the truth when it comes to a sonata simmering with delectable tales. LuvMe presented me with a sweetness that immediately ignited a smile from page one. The flavor of LuvMe is entertaining, funny, and offers a sensual flow that is satisfying. You know how you feel when you are catching a peak of eye candy who isn’t aware that you are watching them? LuvMe gave me that feeling. As I turned the pages, it was like opening up a box to an assortment of the finest chocolate. H-Ball Eva, DSL, Bertice, Succulent… there’s a hot treat for you to discover.
LuvMe drifted me into a world of fantasy I could’ve never imagined. As with any good thing, I wanted more. Seriously, it is knee buckling, finger biting literary goodness. Well, it was for me. Ladies, a hot bubble bath, a glass of Zinfandel, and Luv Me is the perfect relaxation to come home to after a long day. Men, there is a pleasure in LuvMe for you too. Get it. It is hot.
Sheniqua “Shaniq” Wallace
Miami, FL

Awwww, baby! LuvMe - Because Everybody Needs A Little Luv...Wanda D. Hudson

Sunday, May 02, 2010

REVIEW - Wait for Love: A Black Girl's Story - 05/01/10

If you have read the Coldest Winter Ever and Flyy Girl and all of those other hot must reads then you are going to LOVE Wait For Love by Ms. Wanda D. Hudson. Wait For Love is a phenomenal story, which I recommend for ALL women to read regardless of their relationship status. This novel touches upon various situations that every female will embark upon sometime in her life, or come in contact with someone who has encountered some of these circumstances. This quick paced novel is very entertaining, enlightening, and easy to read While reading this novel you cant help but stop and recap about obstacles which you may have faced and how you could have handled them differently or stop to say “Thank God that I’ve never experienced that”. Regardless of who you are, where you come from, and how you were raised you will be able to take something from this novel be it as basic as the fact that you should educate your child about sex and self image, or on the more compound end of the spectrum you may realize the importance of taking one day at a time and waiting for love because as we are reminded in this story patience is truly a virtue.

Aerielle Morton
Avid Reader