Sunday, August 12, 2007

Wait for Love: A Black Girl's Story Reader Review!

This is what another author said yesterday about Wait for Love: A Black Girl's Story. Reading this made me pick my book up and hug her!

Have YOU gotten your copy yet?

Dorothy Goins wrote:

Wanda. You have written such a witty and wise book that kept me turning the pages with laughter, anger and oftentimes pity for the main character who I most times wanted to slap some sense into. I have a couple of pages left and that just shows how much I want to savour the reading because I don't want the story to end. I have to admit in the beginning I was having a hard time accepting the main character speaking to me "the dear reader" but after staying with the story and (I analyze a book) going with the flow, it so worked for me. Lynnde became a part of my living room, my bedroom and anywhere I sat to absorb the story. Great Job! Wanda.

Lynnde is a exemplary character that depicts all the mistakes numerous women make when selling themselves short for the sake of what they call love. Isn't it sad that love was there in front of Lynnde all the time. She missed "the most important lesson of all" which was learning to love herself. So her lessons had to be repeated several times. When you love yourself, you open the door for others to enter in and love you with the portions of love you are so worthy of. I'll be back shortly with my overall review of the book and I will also post it to AMAZON. Keep writing.


Now, I know YOU want a copy after reading that!

Wanda D. Hudson
Wait for Love: A Black Girl's Story
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