Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

May we all have an abundance of blessings in 2007. I really don't have resoulutions, well, not anything that is so different than what I wanted for myself in 2006. I pray that I can keep my daughters safe and always provide for them. I pray that every negative situation in my life turns to positive, and that patience and appreciation travel with me always.

Wait for Love: A Black Girl's Story? Oh, of course I'll talk about that. hehehe. Please visit my webpage - to read the reviews and excerpts. This is a self published novel that is holding her own. Just purchase your autographed copy - you'll see. :-)

Let us remember why we're here and if you don't know, use this fresh new year to figure out why, and then put that knowledge to excellent use.

I love you!

Wanda D. Hudson
Wait for Love: A Black Girl's Story

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