Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Evolution of LUV

Ahhh, to GET IT is a divinely magnificent feeling! To actually see it, touch it and to feel it is breathtaking. When situations occur we always ask why. Sometimes we want to know the answer, others...well, I'm sure you have felt the same as I, so you know what I mean.

Last year I posted my feelings with a blog titled Return To Sender. I was a bit more than aggravated that I wasn't chosen for a position with the Post Office. My aggravation came from the fact that, and this is only MY belief, I wasn't chosen because of a previous termination from a job over a bookmark, not soley on my job qualifications or experience.

If I had gotten the JOB a part of my writing CAREER would be over. Ocassionally, I write short stories of the erotic (can I type that here? HAIL yeah, this is Wanda's Way!) erotic genere. The advertising of these stories on a bookmark is what got me booted in the first place. Well, if I had gotten the JOB there would be no more stories in this genre again. No more submissions to see if I had what it took to run with the dogs that bark deep. (actually, I think all writers have bass, but that is another post coming soon to a blog near you)

I'm sure I've said this is in a previous post, but I have heard that being told no isn't always a bad thing. Of course we all hate rejection, and hate to hear another door will open and the rest of the perfect clique'. Listening without responding can be bright gold - or is the in thing platinum? Whichever it is, it can work.

I recently submitted some short stories for inclusion in upcoming anthologies. I can bark deep now. My stories were accepted. Do you see what I see? If I was an employee of a certain agency I never would have taken a chance on this wonderful opportunity. Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeiiiit! Tell me no again!

One anthology is Zane's Chocolate Flava 2, tenatively scheduled for release in August of 2007. The other is Ms. Kisha Green's The Sugar Wall Chronicles, scheduled for release in May of 2007. Now, when I began my blog I started it because I was upset of the impending loss of my job due to an erotic bookmark. No naked people on it, just words that made you want more. No one wanted more of those words then. Wrong submission. Can you imagine how I feel now? Using some of those words has given me the opportunity to smell my career - to chew it and swallow it - to gain weight from it that doesn't land on my thighs! This feels like validation, and that's all we ever want. Somebody to say we matter. Somebody to say I love you. Somebody to always care.

Am I monetarily rich now? Nope. Can I quit my job and live comfortably? Nope. I can take less stress filled breaths. That's what I've been striving for. That's what I can taste. That's what I get. It is my IT. I haven't stopped turning or progressing. You know ya gotta keep on pushin'. Ahhhh, The Evolution of LUV is a beautiful thing.

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