Sunday, April 17, 2005

At Will

If you're wondering why I chose this particular title for this post I'll tell you. During my peaceful sleep this title came to me. Usually, when something like that happens it's embedded into my memory. If I live until I'm ninety-five and unfortunately devolope Alzheimer's disease, I'll always remember the incident that caused me to write this.

For those of you that have been following my blog, I thank you. You know that recently I was fired from a job for a reason that most of us feel was simple. I've moved on past that incident but I feel I have to tell you what has given me an extra boost to do so.

First things first. I have applied for seven jobs in which I am qualified for. Actually, I wasn't qualified for one but I applied anyway. I had a dollar for the thirty-seven cent stamp to mail off my resume and a dream. I didn't get the job but I used the change to help do my laundry. Ahh, progress. I have an interview Monday, April 18th with another prospect so wish me luck!

Now, back to the title of this post. Just to see if the little people have rights I contacted the Labor Board about my situation. After answering various questions via telephone I was informed that my situation is within the law. I was deemed as what is an employee 'at will.' I knew a guy in High School named Will who got on my nerves. Maybe I should have been nicer to him.

I listened intently as the person broke it down to me. Basically, move on, lady. There's nothing you can do about it. Oh yeah, I could try to sue for mental duress but the voice told me he doubted that will go anywhere. Gee, thanks.

That prompted my need to exactly define the meaning of 'at will.' I had a basic understanding of it but as a writer I needed more. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary has the word at meaning - a point in time, a goal, a position or condition, or means cause or manner. The word will is in my version three times so I'll just give the first listing of each.

1. wish , desire
2.wish or desire often combined with determination dispose of by or as if by a will, bequeath

With this information I took the definition of 'at will' in my circumstance to mean your condition or manner is disposed of - Your Fired. Oh well.

Today is a beautiful day. I know that and know why I'm here. Tomorrow is a day that I hope to see. Will my job put me 'at will' of another employer? Probably. The one thing that gives my steps bounce is the fact that I have new knowledge going in. Lessons come when they want. They force you to learn them. I have. Think, Wanda. Think before you go into action. My lesson. My question...are you 'at will' of your employeer?

Come'on career. At will of self. A writers' dream fulfilled.


Jo said...

Hi Wanda,

I just wanted to tell you that I think it sucks what happened to you, but I am glad you are picking up and moving on. Good luck to you in your job hunt. I hope that the next job you get is ten times better than the one you had.

Jolie said...

Hey Wanda,

I'm hoping to get another job soon, so we'll pray for each other!


Jolie said...

Hey Wanda,

I'm hoping to get another job soon, so we'll pray for each other!


Yolie said...

Sooo many people don't realize that their employment is "at will." The will of the employer. That's why it is not good to build a false sense of security and think we're better off than someone running their own business. What happened to you proved it could happen to any one of us.

Your success is coming though, so we WILL not dwell on the idiosyncracies of these United Stupid Azzes. *wink*