Saturday, April 09, 2005

Job Or Career? You Make The Call

Hmm, I guess the only way to begin is to begin. The end of this past week has been a bit stressful for me. Writer's write. That's how we breathe. In order to make your chest continue its rhythmic heave, we promote. That's all I thought I was doing. Promoting. Nothing to offend, nothing to sicken, nothing to cause any dispair. My first work, which happens to be in ebook form, is a short erotic collection of stories about women. The title It's a Woman's World says it all.

My next work may be titled, My Bookmark Cost Me My Job. Does it sound idiotic? Maybe, but it could be true. I, like any writer, had certain promotional items made to annouce our work and keep our names on the lips of readers. My items are bookmarks that consist of the book cover, which is a silhouetted woman holding a globe, and the saying, Seduce your mind with a literary tryst by escaping to It's a Woman's World. Your sexual fantasies will never be the same. It also has the web address, my name and my email account.

Temporary insanity? Laspe of judgement? Mistake? These words may constitute why I handed out bookmarks promoting sexual, erotic, but in my opinion, no way pornographic stories. As I handed the promo items out with a smile I stated, "Now, don't go to this site at work. Visit it at home." In all honesty I'm sure I mouthed some other stuff but without hypnosis I probably won't remember.

A few hours later I received a call from my immediate supervisor informing me that he had just come from a meeting where serious events transpired pertaining to me. "What?" Basically he told me of the bookmark caper and that termination loomed over my head. "What?" One of the women I gave a bookmark to went to the site and proclaimed that I was promoting pornography at work. My job deals with sensitive issues, an issue I personally dealt with a year ago, and I may pass these things out to the clients. "Huh?"

It's a Woman's World. This isn't the way the women treat each other in the stories. Ripping off and burning your bra happened when? Everything goes these days. I think I sexually harrased a few women with the bookmark. For that I apologize.

I'm going to keep this short. Are my bookmarks offensive? Do they portray full frontal nudity? Yes, there are a few words of sexual nature, and I may add they are in the dictionary, but would that warrant me getting seriously garbage canned? I can go on and on as to why I'm right, that I did no wrong, but my voice won't be heard. The plain fact is I offended someone. I'll be a dark damper on the entire organization. Oh, I forgot to tell you that I've only been there a month and am still on probation. We all know you'd better not do a diggity dog thing wrong on probation! And I scraped the bottom of the barrel promoting porn.

I need a job. A job pays the bills. A job keeps my internet service active so I can talk to you. A job offers health insurance, which with a small child, I desperately need. I guess I'm not so upset because I know that my job will never define my career. One day my career will do all the things of a job and more. With this knowledge I'm willing to let this job go and find another for the sake of my career. I'll never stop writing. I will, however, think three times before I promote my work to someone with a totally different view.


? said...
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? said...

Hey girl, I know exactly what you mean. I never promote my writing at work anymore because it was brought to my attention by a supervisor some time ago when a co-worker visited my website last year and read my *erotic* excerpt. No photography, just words, but my boss was upset because the male co-worker had emailed the site to a few others and they were all reading it during work hours. I informed my superiors it was not my problem or fault *when* and *where* they read my work. And since I didn't give him the website address during work hours or on the premises I didnt see how this was my problem.

I was counted out for a position last year after the hiring manager called to inform me the technical editing team had searched my name on Goggle and found links to my *erotica* on various sites online. This offended the all-white, female editing team so he could not extend an offer of employment to me.

I just add them to the list of folks who will get free advanced copies of my books. Signed, and sealed with a kiss on the title page - in bright RED lipstick!

Write On Sista!


Hollie said...

I hope you find a job that pays the bills and one where you can be you. The situation sucks but we live and learn. There is nothing wrong with what you do.

Shelia said...

Certain jobs are temporary and must be treated as such. Just like you got that one, you'll get another one. Once they think they have the POWER, then they will jerk you around. I am sorry to hear that happened. When you're a writer, it's hard NOT to talk about your books. When it all boils down to it, it's simply jealousy. At least you're pursuing your dreams. When I work on contract assignments, I don't immediately tell them I'm a writer, because it's none of their business; but if I see certain people always with a book in their hands at break, you best believe they will get a personalized book mark and the conversation stems from there.

princessdominique said...

I agree with Shelia, jobs will come and go, focus on your craft--jealousy is something!

Cherlyn Michaels said...

Like Tzynya, I stopped promoting in the workplace too. I found that my bosses were trying to figure out why I was working since I had a published book and it created problems for me that were not worth it. I can promote elsewhere. I now do temp work here and there with different companies and just keep my book to myself. But that's personal choice. I'm praying for you that your situation works out for the best for you. But keep pursuing your dream and going after your passion. Don't let anything or anyone stand in your way!

Regina Neequaye said...


I agree with all of the comments. You will get another job. The thing is while you have it work hard so that you do not need it. I have stopped promoting on my job too because people get jealous because they think I am making a wagon of money. I am not of course but they are right eventually I will make a lot of money because I enjoy writing and have found that I am pretty good at it.

Everyday when I come to work, I am always prepared just in case it is my last day. Hopefully I will find a cheap mortgage by the end of the year (please everyone pray for me) and if I ever get fired I will cut grass, and hustle books because this job truly does not define me just as yours didn't define you.

You can go to the county for assistance with health care for your minor child. Girl where there is a will there is always a way.

Vivi Monroe Congress, D.Min. said...


Some of life's BEST lessons arrive through seasonal trials. This testing of your character and faith poses a question that only you can answer: do you have it in you to stick to what you truly believe in? My word to you is simple; dust yourself off, take in the lesson and move on in the direction that you've now been blessed to freely pursue. God equips each of us, so just reach for your tools and everything else somehow always takes care of itself!


Vivi Monroe Congress
Author of The Bankrupt Spirit

Jadiarie said...
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Stormy Steele said...

Wanda, I am so sorry to hear about your trials on the job, and I pray that you find another one. Just remember it's just that--A JOB! Not your career. That's what I keep in mind since I've gone back to working at my previous job. They want me to make this a priority. Everyone already knows that I'm a writer, but I still don't promote to new people on the job unless they ask. When I signed up with the temp company (I didn't go back permanently)I didn't want them to know that I was a writer, but someone recognized me from a book signing. She got all excited, then spilled the beans. I then felt that I had to do all of this explaining about how my former supervisor asked me to come help out and writers always need money, especially when they're just starting out. I think I got my point across, but I get tired of explaining to people so I just don't say anything. Just think Wanda, when we're famous we can look back on what we went through to make it to the top.

Stormy Steele said...

Wanda, one more thing I'd like to add is... when you turned in your application to join The Literary Source, our board members had to take a look at your book cover to see if it was acceptable. We all voted yes. Trust me, my president is VERY opinionated LOL! If it was pornographic, she would have said NO Way! So, if she said it's fine, then it is! I like your cover. I showed it to other people too, and they like it as well. I think the people on your job are just envious and are looking for something to complain about. Especially since you're on probation. You know how that is. Hang in there! It will get better.