Monday, May 02, 2005

The Reason Is...

A new month already. Wow. If you're not having fun does time still fly by? On some days yes. And boy have I measured every minute of my day. I've recovered from my job dilemma but still have not managed to obtain another. Well, I was "hired" by a company but I haven't physically put in 8 hours yet. What's the hold up? If I knew I'd tell you. You know the employed never rush for the unemployed. One day I promise to not allow someone to wonder if they're going to eat on the street or just be on the street.

I've had ample time to write and even received a few opportunities. Everyone says if I'd never gotten fired those chances would have never been available. True. Writing is what I was born to do so every chance I get I'll take it. I've also enjoyed staying home with my Poopah. Looking at her makes me strive to do better. Her eyes have shown me I'm the best thing going so any employer that gets me will have some top notch stuff on their hands!

Each day that passes puts me closer to the day when my novel, Wait For Love: A Black Girl's Story, will be available. I had to take a minor u-turn but I'm a writer. We always persevere. Setbacks make you see how good you have it. There is someone out there who is in a much more dire situatuion than you are, but of couse you don't believe it because you and that person will never meet. I'm fine with that understanding. The one thing that will make my life perfect is simply figuring out what the reason is for the confusion that surrounds me. But then again, who do you know with a perfect life?

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