Thursday, June 13, 2013

I'm Still His Baby Girl

With Father's Day approaching I've been thinking alot about my father. When he died in 2008 a few things that I was afraid of  happening were that I'd forget the way his voice sounded, and that I'd never be anyone's baby girl. Well, wallah! God is good, life is grand (yeah, even with all the extra shit) and I'm aight! Not only do I remember and hear my father's voice loud and clear, I'm still his baby girl! I feel so much love from my daddy and it's a blessing!

Memories are a great thing to have. They may not all be good, but they make you realize that life is definitely for the living and there is a lesson in there somewhere. One lesson that's a funny memory now - it was NOT funny when it happened, was about men. This guy wanted to date me and my father said he had to ask his permission first. I was so excited that my father was going to let me have a boyfriend! Hail naw...I mean HAIL to the mo'fo-in' naw! The boy came to my house and Bobby James cussed him out Harlem Nights style! He then turned to me and said, "And don't bring no more sorry ass, insert racial epithet here, to my house!" The lesson that I just recently learned - Baby girl you can't pick no man. Why do you always pick the sorry ones? What is wrong with you? Sorry, Fred.

Once my father asked me if I could braid. I said yes and them proceeded to knot his hair up. My mother stayed up half the night fixing his fro. Lesson? Don't lie. Other folks always suffer from your lies.

Every time we went grocery shopping I wanted to push the cart. I always followed behind my father too close and hit his heels. He never yelled at me but gave me the "look" instead. Lesson? Slow yo' ass down! People get to' up when you're in a hurry to go no where. I think that's why I'm such a good driver (^_^)

I have so many memories. Shultz, Seymore and Fritz. My father made sure his baby girl had a dog. Music, chicken and my momma's nasty molasses cookies. Plaid pants, white shoes and cussin'. All of it was topped of with nothing but love.  I still love him, I still miss him and I'm still his baby girl! Wow...Happy Father's Day, Dads - somebody loves you!

I luv you

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