Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Baby Fat Q&A

Q - What is baby fat?
A- My scientific conclusion is a baby is simply a scrunched up adult, so what we call baby fat is just skin that hasn't had a chance to attach itself to a bone yet.
YR - You, know what, Wanda, that makes so much sense!

Q - How long can you have baby fat?
A - Well, I think since we never stop growing you can have baby fat your entire life. The fat hasn't latched on to a home yet and it just hangs around...and around...and around. So stop saying you have weight issues - it's baby fat! My kangaroo pouch that can't carry anything but extra weight - I love you!
YR - You, know what, Wanda, that makes so much sense!

Q - What about the fat that hangs from my arms? I can't get it toned or tightened up at all!
A - Have you ever saw a baby do push ups or lift weights? Some things aren't realistic. You have to train baby fat in its infancy to do what you want it to do. Now who in their right mind is going to make a little baby exercise?
YR - You, know what, Wanda, that makes so much sense!

Q - So what you're saying is this isn't fat, its baby fat?
A - YES! Your fatass isn't a fatass - its a baby fatass! Embrace it and love it! The next time my doctor says I need to lose weight I'm gonna slap him! Fool, this is baby fat! Get the &^%*)(($##@@ outta here with that!
YR - Wow...I'm gonna do that too! That makes so much sense!

Go forth and conquer wit'cha fat...oh, baby fatass'! Tight clothes, loose cleavage and buffets betta watch out! Oooooooooooowwww ^_~

And for the record baby fat is a beautiful thang!
Me and my girls, Dasia on the left and Diana on the right

Q - Question
A - Answer
YR - You're Right

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