Thursday, August 12, 2010

What You Thought You Knew...

There is a story circulating, maybe, probably not, about a 14 year old girl named Emma Charles. Supposedly Emma was repeatedly gang raped by 25 African American Soldiers for 6 weeks every day and night in Burma in 1947. Supposedly she lost her womb and committed suicide. Supposedly Emma said that, "all niggers should be drowned at birth." Supposedly her mother offered herself up instead and was thrown on a bonfire. Supposedly what you thought you knew is not what you know.

Is this our history? Is this true? Is this a tale from someone's imagination set free to cause havoc on our psyche? Is this an actual quote from a book or a movie? Has the victim's name been changed to protect her identity? Are there any Burmese women named Emma Charles? Or, could this be a spoonful of the crock of shit that has slow cooked race wars for years?

The sentence was a post made on Facebook. My first thought was that since it was from someone who is the organizer of a writing group, that it was a quote from a book. We know our history and if you are an author or reader, you may have written or read something like this. After seeing the reaction that is caused I had to know and went in search of Emma Charles. Curiosity only kills cats that don’t know how to handle the information they receive.

Emma Charles did come up in a search, but there was nothing listing her as an author or saying the quote she is linked with. Maybe she did say it in her time and her words have been passed on by her ancestors. Maybe she is a fictional character created for this rouse. I asked the person who posted the quote and was told that they receive quotes daily and wasn't sure where it came from. They did say that they didn't know if Emma Charles was still alive or dead. To all the women named Emma Charles, I apologize that your name was chosen for this. I didn't see the original post but with copy and paste not much is private anymore.

While I was searching for the "quote" so many sites appeared. WOW. Check out some of the links below if you want the full effect. Reading what is posted tells a few stories in itself.

1. Irateirishman | Chimp Mail
Apr 4, 2010 ... I'd rather be what you call a nigger with all my education and wisdom than a ... like you should be drowned at birth like the dogs you are. ... - Cached

1. Understanding the Nigger "Mind".... Updated! - Page 4 - Chimpout
10 posts - 5 authors - Last post: Jul 25
Heaven: Niggers talk about Heaven all the time like it was some giant ... would drown their offspring at birth and set fire to themselves. ... - Cached
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Quotes Description
POSTED BY Anonymous
QUOTE Mrs B; Look at them! Five of them without dowrys. Whats to become of them? Mr B; Yes, what is to become of them? Perhaps we should of drowned some of them at birth.
HINT 1 Five daughters
HINT 2 Mr and Mrs Bennett
MOVIE TITLE Pride and Prejudice - 1940

1. YouTube - st1ckyb0x's Channel
All: Uploads: Favorites ... "YOU NIGGERS" ... "you should of been fucking drowned at birth. you FUCKING FAGGOT ... - Cached

1. Urban Dictionary: niggers
I know it, but I don't think I should say it... 5 Seconds left... All right, I'de like to solve the puzzle! Niggers! ... father dont abandone their young after birth ... - Cached

Lala is a stupid cunt.
Another misconception among liberal niggerlovers is they all believe that niggers ... You should have been drowned at birth. • Cached page

Some folks always say, “If I were you…”, “If I was a slave…,” “Oh that would never happen to me….” If a slave could send you a text message what do you think it would say? We post quotes daily from people we never met. People that lived in another era and people of different races. Inspirational words, words to make you think, words of power. Maybe they quoted words the day before that never made it to print. Maybe they said a racial epithet. Since you didn’t hear it it’s okay to go ahead and promote their beliefs anyway. What you thought you knew…

I wonder how many sites there are that spew hate about Mexican's, Jewish people or Caucasians. A racial epithet is a racial epithet. There is no level or one is no worse than the other if it's hurled at a human. It has the same meaning whether it’s said to hurt you or not. I can say it but you can't....oh, I didn't mean it that way. We pick and choose what situation we want to get mad at. We get mad when we talk about each other and mad when others talk about us. We can't change our history and are all living our future generation's history. When things are documented in print regardless if its 1922 or 1992 it was the time and it was the era. Don't get upset - get educated.

We have gone from slavery to riots to boycotts and now the delete key. The individual who posted the "quote" was reported to Facebook. He was removed by some users from their friends list. Deleted. Will we join together to boycott Facebook if the individual is not removed? Will we boycott the Internet for allowing hateful websites to exist? So many people have died in order for us to get mad, bark a little and hit delete. What will we do for the next generation?

I read a post from someone that said the creator of Facebook was an Atheist. The poster said they are a Christian. Did they remove themselves from Facebook? No. I read posts from people that use the N-word in their daily talking. Many of us are on the same lists. Was the person deleted? Did you tell them how you felt? Or was it okay because they didn't mean it like "that?"

I watch two African American Networks – BET and TVOne. They have shown movies in which the curse words are silenced, but the word nigger is spoken and heard. Was the choice made to leave the word in because it made the movie more enjoyable? We get upset when someone else blasts us with ignorance yet we hail some singers/rappers as the greatest when they put the word on top of a beat. Oh, you like the rest of the song but not that part? Oh…Racism within the race is okay I guess.

There is no denying that racism is gettin' it in 2010. The quote that was posted for whatever reason was hateful. If it came from a book or a movie I’m sure it got the point across to the reader or viewer. If it was someone letting the world know how they felt the folks who read it got it. Where it originated from and why may never be known. I'm using the N-word in my next book that is set in the 60's South. Will I be banned or is it okay because I'm black? What will we do? When did freedom of speech free us from going from action to growling? Oh, since we can say what we want we don’t have to do anything. How many of us have the M-I-S-T-E-R PERIOD mentality? Does the man/woman in the mirror crack when you look at him/her?

What you thought you knew about yourself is changed when you learn just how far you are willing to go in a situation. Do I want to stop using the Internet after what I have learned? No. Does this mean that I support the sites I found? Am I a disgrace to my ancestors? Is complaining about the use of a word, but not doing anything to stop it the same as supporting it? If a dogs bark is worse than its bite people with hatred in their heart have nothing to worry about.

Staying in your group, gangs, neighborhood or social circle is how it's always been. Complain to those around you and talk about the folks who don’t agree with you. People are killed, abused and insulted everyday. If we continue to do the least we can do then that’s all we'll ever do. To the person who originated this I thank you. You did what you intended - dissension among the ranks and then a kiss and make up session.

Evaluate yourself. Question yourself. Are you willing to die for a cause? Are you content with voicing your opinion and gaining ground with your supporters and then going back to your “regular” life? I wrote a Blog about it using the same outlet as people with hate in their heart? What else will I do? Can you live without Social Media? Ask your ancestors what they lived without. If you never had it does it even matter? The N-Word; will it ever go away? Your answers aren't for me to know, but are they What You Thought You Knew…

I luv you.

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stellbread said...

Wanda you've got my creative juices simmering. I'm definitely going to be doing some research today. As alwasys I find what you have to post enrapturing.

I think we always need a reminder that racism is alive and well. A "post-racial America" is a bullshit cam espoused by the media, who would have us believe that everything is--pardon the pun, HONKY dory.

The Tea Party movement (under the banner of it being an anti-tax group) and the rise in right-wing hate groups is just the tip of the iceberg.

Even Bill and Hillary showed their true colors (or lack thereof) in the primaries. Racism was ince becoming more subtle, but since Jackie Robinson, The Little Rock seven, Tiger, Venus and Serena and even America;s white America's atchdogh, Clarence Thomas, and now Obama--whites know that their days of domination--culturally, politically and soon financially--are co,img to an END, and they are scared witless.