Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Personally Yours - Author Rico Salam

Personally Yours will give you a brief look inside your favorite authors world. We know they write smokin' books, but do they smoke with the Surgeon General and if they do, what? Are they left-handed or right handed? Take a personal look inside Author Rico Salam's life. Enjoy Personally Yours!

1.Who is Rico Salam? - Rico Salam is an up and coming author from West Philadelphia who is striving to give young black men from the urban community a different image in the sight of America. Unfortunately my childhood wasn’t what you would call the best upbringing. I was brought up and raised in a house hold full of alcoholics and drug addicts. So people thought my future was ruined from day one. However my plans were different. I knew if anyone was going to make a change in my family then it had to be me. So I stayed in school and became the first person in my family to ever graduate. After that I enrolled in college and earned a degree in business management. This is when I realized there wasn’t anything I couldn’t do, so I decided to write my first novel “GET MINE OR GET NAKED”.

2.What are you passionate about? - I’m passionate about helping other people who are trying to help themselves. A lot of the time people just need someone who believe in them and will give them that extra push they need to excel. So if I can lend a helping hand to someone who is seriously trying to better their self, then I’m all for it.

3.Why should the world take notice of you? - Because I’m the example of what the power of a prayer can do for a person. I’m far from being rich or famous but I come a long way from being the little boy who grew up in a crack house. I don’t know who was praying for me but I’m sure somebody was because my life could be a lot different right now.

4.What is your favorite chick flavor? A meaty ham, a juicy pork-chop, or a fat free chicken? - Well I don’t eat pork, so the ham is out of the question. And a fat free chicken is just not enough to satisfy a brother. So I’ll say I like mine nice and beefy, but I don’t want the whole cow.

5.What are your life rules? - I’m a firm believer in patience. Success doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a lot of hard work and patience to bring your dreams to a reality.

6. You know you are going to die on April 6, 2015 how will you live the remainder of your life? In fear or joy? - Since I already know I’m going to die I would do stuff that I would normally be afraid to do. Like jumping out of airplanes, going swimming with sharks, driving my car at 140 in a 60 mile zone. JUST HAVE NO FEAR AT ALL.

7.5 Favs-

Color- royal blue
Movie- Malcom X
Song- Cry for you by Jodeci
Drink- Pink Lemonade

8.Do you forgive regardless of what someone has done for you? -It all depends on how close I am to the person. If we have a close relationship then I would normally forgive them. But if we aren’t that close then I just keep my distance.

9.If you could change your past would you? - I really would like to say yes because there are a lot of mistakes I made in my life that I would like to fix. But if I didn’t make those mistakes I wouldn’t be the person I am today. So I would say no.

10. In the nude or negligee? - I like the negligee because that shows that she is really trying to be sexy for me. I like it when a woman goes out of her way to do something special for me.

11.Where can we find you on the net? - Right know you can find me on Facebook and The Firm Publications.Com

12. Fill in the blank with one word. To know Rico Salam is to appreciate Rico Salam.

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