Tuesday, April 13, 2010

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June 18, 2007

I’ve always wanted one of those dark chocolate men. The kind of darkness that makes you wonder if the skin hurts. The hue almost has a purple bluish tint, but it eludes this shade. Some women like the high colored man, yellow, a red bone that is close enough to white as a black person can get. Something about the dark is sexy to me. Doing it in the dark is stimulating, warm, and cozy. Even with the lights off the world can see a light man do his thing. But a dark man, umph, mysterious deep heat surrounds him. I want to get sexually tingled by his warmth.
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EXCERPT - SHE - The Story of Tasha and Javar
Javar stroked his long, hard, erection fast and furious during his fifth bathroom break. All morning his dick teased him of the events of last night, and he could no longer hide, nor handle himself in the office. It was only eleven a.m., and although he managed to make his erection subside the four previous times, his control had waned. The desire of needing a magnificent release overpowered him.The men’s bathroom was empty and the thought of discharging his cum into a urinal was exciting, but risky. Not wanting to lose his job, Javar positioned himself in the last stall directly in front of the toilet, and jacked himself to his freaky content....read more and get your $5 order on at Wanda D. Hudson

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"Holy, black girl got game, Batman! I can't contain myself!"

"Control yourself, Boy Wonder. She's The SEXY One and that's the way it is!

"But Batman, I think I'm about to blow!"

"Make sure you hit her spot when you do, Boy Wonder - Wanda D. Hudson - Awww, baby!"

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