Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Taste of Luv Tuesday and Buy One Get One FREE? Awww, Baby!

Taste of Luv Tuesday and buy one get one FREE? How does Miss Luv's Books do it?

Everybody Needs A Little Luv that's how!

Hey, yah'll, buy Wait for Love: A Black Girl's Story and LuvMe is FREE! Try a Taste of Luv Tuesday and get LuvMe for $8! Get a little luv; hit my spot, awww, baby, today! Wanda D. Hudson

EXCERPT – Wait for Love: A Black Girl’s Story

There were times when we were a good five minutes into physical activity when he did manage to obtain an erection and he`d go limp. He'd shrivel up to the size of a miniature raisin that had been soaked in rum overnight. One time he was drunk when it happened and he garbled, "You not suckin` it right! You only get an honorable mention! Go for the gold!" Then he farted. I thought I didn't turn him on anymore." Read more at Wanda D. Hudson



June 18, 2007

I’ve always wanted one of those dark chocolate men. The kind of darkness that makes you wonder if the skin hurts. The hue almost has a purple bluish tint, but it eludes this shade. Some women like the high colored man, yellow, a red bone that is close enough to white as a black person can get. Something about the dark is sexy to me. Doing it in the dark is stimulating, warm, and cozy. Even with the lights off the world can see a light man do his thing. But a dark man, umph, mysterious deep heat surrounds him. I want to get sexually tingled by his warmth.
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Coming Soon – A Sheltered Life

A stressful sleep held me as we rode for a few hours. It released me when the truck came to a rushed halt. I rolled into one of the rusted sides and the jagged edges cut my skin. Small bubbles of blood began to form while I watched, waited, and hoped that I would bleed to death.

The man slammed the door and yelled, “I gos’ta relieve ma’self. You kin go round there to that tree if ya gos’ta piss. I won’t be long.” Read more at Wanda D. Hudson

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"Holy, black girl got game, Batman! I can't contain myself!"

"Control yourself, Boy Wonder. She's The SEXY One and that's the way it is!

"But Batman, I think I'm about to blow!"

"Make sure you hit her spot when you do, Boy Wonder - Wanda D. Hudson - Awww, baby!"

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