Saturday, October 14, 2006

Who Is It?

Some people proclaim to know God or to know of a God. Some people say God talks to them, that He guides them. I believe that to be true. I honestly believe that He guides me and has tapped me on my shoulder many times in these last few years. Another thing that I believe is that God will never trick or fool you. He is always honest in what He presents to you - be it excellent or something less than you think you deserve.

Whether you believe in Him or not, you've all heard of his nemesis. The devil. He is the one who will fool you. The devil will play tricks with your heart and mind, and force you to believe that all that is happening to you is what is best for you. The one flaw that haunts him is that his presentation is never everlasting. See, the devil runs with anger. Anger cannot be concealed always. When anger reveals itself, the devil's game is over.

Most presents come in beautiful wrapping paper. Maybe the wrapper is in the form of a sexy woman, or a fine man. A new car that someone wants you to have-with no strings attached. Maybe you won a contest, or money, or a trip. I believe the devil tempts us with these things to see how desperate we will behave. This I know is true for I have been tempted and have acted like an idiot.

I wonder how or if ever will we know how to tell the difference. God doesn't bring pain, hurt or despair. So why do we die, why do we suffer, why oh why is the world the way it is? I don't know. This post is just my feelings that I like to share. I don't have the answers to much of anything in regards to those questions. I think you have to get on your knees to find a response.

Life keeps on moving for some. For others, it is at a standstill. Some of us are stuck trying to figure out the difference between God and the devil, not knowing that the two shouldn't be confused at any time. Some of us don't even know that we are trying to figure this out. That's sad.

Realizing lessons is a blessing. Keeping the blessing with you is an honor. One thing we all should practice is asking and then finding out Who Is It, before we let them into our world.


Shai said...

Wanda, I feel ya. Discernment and confusion don't go together.

The mind is definitely a battlefield.

Vanessa A. Johnson said...

Oh, Wanda,
You are so on target with this post. Many people look at me funny when I respond that God did not take my loved ones when they say he did. God would never hurt us and God would not pick and choose who gets healing and who doesn't. God's love and healing is meant for everyone. You just have to learn how to ask for the things you so desire.You're right, the two are as different as night and day.

Love & Peace,

Dorothy Goins said...

As it is, God gives us free will to do and to think as we so please.

Wanda, I like this post and your courage to put it here. This makes me think about the challenges and the obstacles I've faced in my life and how I overcame each of them. Without God, where would I be?

Whether it is trouble in your heart or trouble in your mind...we must understand that it is only God who we should be taking our troubles to...he gave his only Son so that we might live life and live it abundantly.