Saturday, March 04, 2006

40 Luv

With age comes wisdom, or so I've been told. With each decade comes a knowledge that will prepare you for a future of wealth, happiness, peace and abundance. Someone told me that, also. Well, I entered into another decade with grace, and yes, I feel more confident than ever.

March 2nd, 2006, I Wanda D. Hudson, turned forty years sexy. I remember vividly when I was sixteen counting the years that it would take for me to reach the age of forty. Thinking it was a long way off is the one thought I remember the most. Whoever said time sure flies when your having fun spoke the truth. Time also does some Starship Enterprise stuff when your finding your way without a road map, and if you had one, you couldn't read it anyway.

I think from the age of twenty-two until I was thirty-three I was kind of stupid. I won't say I was totally ignorant, because I knew I had to work, have shelter and pay bills to survive. But I look at many things about my history and slap myself. (I then apologize by eating something...hehehe) Many ideas of who I wanted to become didn't settle in until I was thirty-five, and many parts of my being claimed that it was too late - a broken heart and used body equaled damaged goods. Then I thought about the Salvation Army. You can get a GREAT deal on the used items there. Suddenly, being refurbished became a goal I reached for with both hands, with my mind, and with my used body.

At forty I have so many plans for my future, so many dreams that will happen while I'm awake - so many beautiful reasons why I luv who I am, and why I luv where I came from. Many of us want to stay young or turn back the hands of time. Honestly, if I could go back and be sixteen again, with the knowledge I have now of course, I would. Since there is no human that is able to hit a rewind button, or a time machine that will transport me, I'll keep my sexy self here and keep on pushin'.

There are a few things that I need to find out as being true in my new decade. One being, is sex better in your forties? Is this the decade when older women begin to find younger men more attractive? And in your forties, do you really get "IT"? And do you really give a damn if "IT" even exists?

Two days have passed since my birthday and I still feel confident. I'm more secure with simply being me, and more secure with the extra pounds that I'm carrying, not that I'm going to wear a belly shirt and show you, but these extra pounds are all mine to luv. I feel like whatever it is that I need He is going to make sure I have it. I'm not going to stress anymore over my wants. I feel postive that my daughters will open up their hearts and learn from their mama, luv her, and not be ashamed of where she has been. I feel good, people. I feel real good.

There is no need for me to volley right now. 40 Luv is a score I want to hold onto for awhile.


Shai said...
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MsJayy said...

Happy Birthday & welcome to the club. I turned 40 a few years ago & have been truly loving "IT" ever since. No comment on the 40/sex connection....hehehe

Vanessa A. Johnson said...

Kudos to you Wanda. Happy belated birthday...I turned 40 a few...well, a little more than an few years ago and I'm here to tell you, IT does get better with time!

Take care.

Love & Peace,

Wanda D. Hudson said...
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Miss P AKA Her Royal Cliqueness said...

Four more years to go for me and I've got to admit, it scares me a little. Wasn't leaving my 20's behind bad enough?

But I love your attitude about it. By the time I turn 40 I hope to feel the same.

After all, life is what you make it, eh? Show those twenty-somethings they still have plenty to learn.