Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Personally Yours - Tenesha Smith!

There are so many people making their life happen. Some stories you will hear about, others, well, we know how it goes. Personally Yours will give you a brief look inside a mover and shaker's world. What is their passion? When did it begin? How do they want it to end? Take a personal look inside Tenesha Smith's life. Enjoy Personally Yours!

Who is Tenesha Smith? Tenesha is a woman who is black, a mother who has joy, a writer who wants to write the definitive American novel and a human who wants to know God

What are you passionate about? I am passionate about writing, being an educator and I am passionate when I fall in love

Why should the world take notice of you? Because I am one of the people who is changing the world slowly and steadily, like water changing the shape of rock

Johnny Gill or Trey Songz? Hard choice but, Trey Songz

What are your life rules?
No half steppin
No scrubs
No judgements
Play nice with others
God in All things

Is there ever a valid reason for a man or woman to stray? 
I understand the reason people cheat but, there is no valid excuse. 

5 Favs -
a. color - Red
b. food -Sushi
c. movie – Love Jones
d. song –You Send me by Roy Ayers
e. drink –Dirty Martini

You can have one last conversation before you leave this earth. Who is the last person that you would talk to? I want my last conversation to be with my daughter Haviland.  I want to give her every bit of knowledge and wisdom I have and I want to hear her tell me all about herself

If you could change your past would you? Absolutely not

Random thought – I wish the summer time lasted all year

Where can we find you on the net? Tenesha Smith

Fill in the blank with one word - To know Tenesha Smith is to fall madly in love with Tenesha Smith.

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