Tuesday, April 10, 2012

4 Years Off Of Fifty

Last week my friend and I were into a deep discussion about our lives. While she talked about what she wanted to do with hers, I sat in silence and thought about what I was doing with mine. She mentioned that it had been 25 years since the first Lethal Weapon movie, 29 years since Thriller, and a few other 20+ year milestones that tossed one thought to the front of my mind. Dayum! I'm getting old!

On my birthday, which was March 2nd, I turned 46. 4 Years Off Of Fifty. It's a blessing to still be here doing what God created me to do, yet I wonder why its taking me so long to get there?

There is where I think I should be. Too many times I say if I would have graduated from High School and went to College for Communications I'd be a big dog in the journalism/radio/T.V community now. But that's what I say. Shoot, I'd probably have gone to a few wild parties, did some thangs that were illegal and be snuggled up in a coffin.

Planning your life is what we do, how we live and breathe, but it shouldn't be our downfall if things don't go the way we planned. Stop looking back and wondering about your why, and instead look forward and thank God for His how. The power of free will and the ability to make choices falls solely upon you. We fault ourselves for making the wrong choice; it wasn't a wrong choice - it was a lesson to help you get to where you're going.

If I knew then what I know know...NOPE! Your life is as it should be. Take the ups, downs, WTH's and everything else you've done and place it on your Life Degree. The knowledge is yours and you can't give it back. What could have been is what is. I'm so grateful to say I'm 4 Years Off Of Fifty. Am I going to live each day dreading turning 50? Hail naw! I have so much living to do in my right now that I treasure each moment I take a breath!

If you have regrets start right now working to let them go. How many years are you off of living your life? Getting older is only dreadful if you're not enjoying the blessed life that He created you for. Initially being 4 Years Off Of Fifty shocked me. Please, I'm Da FLY Hunny! I've lived, I've learned and I have so much more to enjoy! 4 Years Off Of Fifty? Bring it on!

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