Monday, May 17, 2010

REVIEW - LuvMe - 05/17/10

Wanda D. Hudson’s LuvMe is the truth when it comes to a sonata simmering with delectable tales. LuvMe presented me with a sweetness that immediately ignited a smile from page one. The flavor of LuvMe is entertaining, funny, and offers a sensual flow that is satisfying. You know how you feel when you are catching a peak of eye candy who isn’t aware that you are watching them? LuvMe gave me that feeling. As I turned the pages, it was like opening up a box to an assortment of the finest chocolate. H-Ball Eva, DSL, Bertice, Succulent… there’s a hot treat for you to discover.
LuvMe drifted me into a world of fantasy I could’ve never imagined. As with any good thing, I wanted more. Seriously, it is knee buckling, finger biting literary goodness. Well, it was for me. Ladies, a hot bubble bath, a glass of Zinfandel, and Luv Me is the perfect relaxation to come home to after a long day. Men, there is a pleasure in LuvMe for you too. Get it. It is hot.
Sheniqua “Shaniq” Wallace
Miami, FL

Awwww, baby! LuvMe - Because Everybody Needs A Little Luv...Wanda D. Hudson

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