Sunday, November 22, 2009

Blind Eyes

What is for you is for you. That is one statement that I have found to be entirely true in my life. Other people are not supposed to understand your you. We are not supposed to try and make them understand; when you come to realize that, you’ll be alright.

Pain comes when you understand and accept that some people don’t care about who you are, what your plans are, or what you have accomplished. They care when you’re riding the high wave, but when that wave dips, you better get ready for their version of suffering. Some words shouldn’t be spoken aloud – especially when the target hears them. Beware of the situation and surroundings when you run your mouth because although your lips may stop, the words keep on going.

Your parents are the vessel that physically brought you here, but God created you long before they connected. He made you a teacher and a student. We all have a story to tell and have all learned a lesson from someone. Life forces us take on many roles and the teacher/student partnership is one that we must manage simultaneously. It can be difficult at times trying to understand the why come they don’t get me and trying to make them understand you at the same time. Years of tears may fall from frustration that we view as a disappointment. Understand this – there is nothing disappointing about you.

An honest heart makes mistakes. An honest heart hurts from the mistakes that is has made. An honest heart will continue on until it corrects the mistakes and prospers.

People always have something to say and if or how what they say upsets you, oh well. If you are not doing what they want you to do or allowing them to manage your finances with their hands deep in your pockets, you are of no use to them. When the wave dissipates, so do you. Living flesh doesn’t dissolve so easily – I’m still here. Don’t act like you can’t see me, you look so awkward.

So many smile in your face folks. Stop the fake presentations; no matter how good you think you look your teeth are yellow, your lips are chapped, your face is ashy, and, uh, I can see through you. I don’t think that God made that your you, but hey, that is so not for me to understand.

Don’t expect anyone to realize your dreams. Blind eyes see what they want to see. It’s sad to find out that folks are only down with you when you’re up, family members included. When He puts you in position for your you, you have to take all that comes with it and keep on. Look at some situations as a temporary assignment – you have your time limit, you’re learning something new about people everyday, and you get what you need until the nest phase arrives.

I have said that when God taps you on your shoulder don’t shrug it off. I used to shrug it off all the time. He took me and shook me by my shoulders then. He has prepared me for people like you. A sista is ready – bring on the blessings!

The wave is forming again but blind eyes can’t see it and this time, it’s going to ride high for eternity.

I luv yah’ll.

Wanda D. Hudson
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