Thursday, February 15, 2007

Open the Write Vent!

This is a rant, a cool rage, a revolution that will be published! Why, oh why do certain individuals keep doing the same shady stuff over and over again? Is it because they can get away with it? Why sure it is.

Everyone should be given a second chance. We all make mistakes. My question is how many chances should you be given when you are at a crap table with someone else's money?

As a first time author I had to learn from authors that are further ahead on the trail. Many times I had to learn from myself. Who do you trust? Asking an individual to trust you makes you think a few times about trusting them. It makes you think that they have doubts about themself. Should trust come naturally? That would depend on the type of relationship. Now I have to ask what type of relationships are we dealing to each other in this writing, publishing, promoting business?

Research may show that the organization/individual has a reputable record, but there is a first time for everything. I don't want to be another person's first time.

"But, Wanda, it's never as good as the first time!"
"Maybe so. That would truly depend on who is doing the phucking, though."
"Ahhh, I didn't think about it that way."

-the previous interchange was between a conversation that I had with myself- Oh, like none of you have ever had a conversation with yourself? yeah, yeah, alright...yo mama....

When situations don't turn out positive we begin to evaluate. We say we will never let that happen to us again. And then another offer comes along. You may be on your 20th experience, but unfortunately it's someone else's first time. DAYUM!

What is this post about? Ummm, just a little frustration that stems from ventures bursting the same as a large burning hot air filled balloon. Sometimes I feel like the Hindenburgh is floating on top of my head. DAYUM!

In order to prevent a bad experience from happening to someone else you are supposed to tell. NO! If you tell you will be perceived as a whiner, and no one will ever want to shoot crap with your money again. Do I have something to tell? (I'm sexy, and whiners aren't sexy, so...)

This post isn't directed to anyone in particular. I swear it isn't. I'm not running for political office, so there is no need for me to lie to a large group of people at one time for my own financial gain or personal gratification. There have been a few things on my mind from conversations, emails, life, you know, the usual. It was time for me to let it go, and the best way for me to release anything is to open the write vent.

I luv you :-)


Rose said...

It's good to vent and let it all out. A great way to release stress.

Pittershawn said...
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Pittershawn said...

I feel you sister.

Dwan Abrams said...

Tell it!

Dwan Abrams

Dorothy Goins said...

You have to let it out or it will drive you insane. Good air in, bad air out and release. I feel you, sis.