Monday, September 11, 2006

Wait for Love: A Black Girl's Story Reader Review

I have received many positive reviews for my novel, Wait for Love: A Black Girl's Story. This is one from a reader that I just had to share. It is posted on her blog and I asked her if I could post it here. This review made me feel more special than I already am...let me go kiss myself.

Entry for July 14, 2006 **REQUIRED READING!!** -Yahoo! 360 A BookWorms Blog

I am not even gonna lie or sugar coat anything when I tell you I was not liking this book when I first started reading it! I had no expectations and didn't build it to be anything worth talking about it. When people asked what it was about I replied by saying I'm reading trying to figure that out.
Just about 20 min ago I closed the book on Lynnette Donna Lee's life story. I know now that this book was meant to be read and it needs to become REQUIRED reading for all young girls. I'll even go as far as to say young boys only for the added value of life lessons that we learned from Lynnde.
Let me just give this quick recap of the book :
This was the most emotion filled rollercoaster ride that I have taken since reading A Woman's Worth! I literally twisted my face, got angry and cursed, wanted to put the book throw it, call somebody and slap them, run and talk to my mama, cried til my nose hurt, call up my BFF from HS, and then follow up with a song and dance to Happy Days are here!
That is just a summation of how I felt while reading this book. After first it was weird having the character of Lynnde talking to me. Yes, I did say talking to me. Most books you can become the character thru their thoughts and questions, but Wanda put a different spin on that. She actually had Lynnde talk to you and direct her every thought to you up front. At times I felt like I was intruding by reading someones diary entry because it was that vivid. Some things I read I was like did she have to take it there? Wanda has a talent in making the most visual of things so life like I swear I was right there and then when the illest of ill acts were happening to Lynnde.
Let me see I don't know where to start
I usually give blow by blow details but I tell you this is one book that is sooooo worth the read I don't want to ruin it by giving any spoilers!!When we meet Lynnde she is a very young naive teenager at the age of 18. We journey with her on this merry go round she calls life. At times it spirals out of control it takes flight and turns into a spinning top! The choices she makes are not wise ones and not only does Lynnde suffer emotionally, but her choices affect her body through poor eating habits which leads to a poor self image and lack of self worth. I won't paint the picture that she is all alone. She has a mother and a father no siblings but an awesome Best Friend by the name of Esta. Esta is like the jiminy cricket to our Lynnde. When Lynnde couldn't see the beauty or strength she possessed Esta saw it. Through all the mishaps Esta was right there telling her it's alright you just made a bad choice. Once you slow down and Wait! All things will be clear for you to see. So true and once Lynnde finally took the time to listen it really was all good in the end.
As I read this book I couldn't believe that she was so misinformed! She knew nothing and I had a hard time not calling her dumb. I don't like to use those words stupid, dumb, and clueless. But that's just what she was. I found myself getting angry at her mom wondering why if she loved her so much wouldn't she fill her in to the games of life? You have to be more prepared than Lynnde was. Not all fault and blame should go to her know the dad has a part also. She spent soooo much of her life being angry with him for past feelings never explained to her that I feel it's the main reason she made poor decisions when it came to men.
If I take anything away with me from this it is!
As a mother to three girls I want to be that mother that Lynnde needed. A loving, caring, mom that they can talk to. True Lynnde's mom did offer that after every failed attempt at love. I want my girls to come to me before! Come to me when they first experience that bark of puppy love. I want to prepare them the best I can. Let them know that it's not all Cinderalla, Sleeping Beauty and Shrek romance. There's way more to it than that. Since I do have my hunny Derek in my life I plan to tell them "our story" now with that I probably could write my own book, But hopefully through me and my past they can see their own future and know what to expect. This book has truly left a lasting impression on me and the story of Lynnde will stay with me. If you know of any young girl, woman, or anyone in a "hurry" to find love or at least their version of love..............HAND THEM THIS BOOK!!!
Wanda you did an excellent job! What a wonderful debut into the literary world! I look forward to reading many more of your novels. You truly have a way with insightful and descriptive. You've made me a fan
Bookworm Rating : 5 bookworms: What a wonderfully delicious treat!
Yummy to the very core


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